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When you are considering about how to make your home or office unique in style, you may choose custom furniture to design your place. Several custom furniture Las Vegas companies are ready to offer customized furniture with the materials, features and lines based on the customer’s demand. Most people prefer custom furniture since it can resemble their unique style. Here is useful information about the custom furniture.


A customized bench or chair can resemble what you have in your mind. Customization allows selecting the curvature, material, heights and any other special engraving or embellishments. You may select that some properties of the chair design be items that can easily redesigned when required. For instance, it is possible to change or replace the fabric seat cushion of wood framed chair whenever you need to.


A dining room or kitchen table is a best thing to place your own style that is accessed often by friends and family members. You can choose the type of wood, shape and size of table. In addition, you can also add any special design or carvings in the wood.

The Right Designer

It is difficult to choose right designer, since several stores offer this service. If you are looking for minimum design time and personalized pieces, it is perfect to reach the store that provides items that can be redesigned minimally. If you want to make some unique features to a ready-made chair, then it is best choice to begin from scratch. Selecting a designer for this job is critical. When selecting the designer, you should ensure that you have shared your vision and price range. Open flow of communication is very essential.

Ensure you have checked the custom design company policies and inspected some of the existing pieces before signing the order.

Furniture Refinishing

When discussing about the custom furniture, it is also informative to know the benefits of furniture refinishing. Numerous furniture refinishing Las Vegas companies are there to save your money as well as reduce waste.   It is technically proven that refinishing or restoring furniture can reduce the crash of carbon on our environment. Making a new furniture piece takes thousand times more carbon than what it takes in furniture refinishing process. Another benefit of furniture refinishing is that you can create a new and unique style without spending more fortune. Reuse is another great advantage of furniture refinishing. In addition, this process will additionally increase the furniture life.

To learn more about the furniture refinishing and custom furniture Las Vegas, visit qualityupholstery.net.

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Benefits of Auto Upholstery Las Vegas http://www.qualityupholstery.net/benefits-of-auto-upholstery-las-vegas/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/benefits-of-auto-upholstery-las-vegas/#comments Wed, 11 Mar 2015 06:52:10 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/?p=1635 Auto Upholstery Las Vegas

Nowadays automobile becomes an essential part in many people lifestyle. It is rare to find home without car. People spend most of their time in car for road tripping or commuting to work. With this wide spreading use, it is common for a car to come across some wear & tear on exterior as well as interior. If you compromise the interior issues, it will directly affect the experience and comfort offered by your car. Hence, it is vital to maintain your car upholstery. Auto upholstery Las Vegas offers these services in a professional approach.

 Upholstery of an automobile includes things like

  • Door panels
  • Trimming
  • Carpets
  • Hood linings
  • Convertible soft tops
  • Custom interiors
  • Truck canopies
  • Car’s bras
  • Roof Linings

There are more possibilities for the problem occurrence with your automobile’s upholstery. When upholstery of your car is ripped, stained or torn, it is advisable to take your car to an upholstery repair shop. Many custom auto interior Las Vegas shops offer this kind of service.

Are you annoying with loose car door panel? There is no doubt that this can be irritating. Instead of using duct tape to prevent the car door from loosing apart, it is best to reach an upholstery repair shop. There you will get a great solution for your issue. The repair shops not only support in resolving faulty door panel, but also offer you a chance to customize your car’s door panel. It is possible to change or customize the material and color of your car. You can also enhance your car’s interior look.

Are your uncomfortable car seats making your journey tired? Do your seats and carpets show noticeable stains on them? You should look for car seat repair Las Vegas. These repair shops can offer repair and retrimming services to make your car more comfortable. They clean the car to make it look sharp and good than ever before. They can also add different attractive designs to the seats and change the materials as cloth, leather, vinyl or velour based on your choice. Most importantly, they provide the stain free seats. You can entirely redesign the interior of your automobile. Whether you own a brand new or classic car, the interior can be enhanced.

In addition to changing the look of your car, upholstery shops can raise your auto’s resale value. Best refurbishment will make sure that your auto get best possible price. By picking best auto upholstery repair shop like Quality Upholster (qualityupholstery.net), you can receive the great restorations as well as repairs to guarantee the notable raise in the value of your car.

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Trust Us to Get Top Rated Furniture Upholstery Las Vegas http://www.qualityupholstery.net/trust-us-to-get-top-rated-furniture-upholstery-las-vegas/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/trust-us-to-get-top-rated-furniture-upholstery-las-vegas/#comments Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:37:54 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/?p=1630 Furniture Upholstery Las Vegas

Furniture plays an important part of the decor of any home, hotel, restaurant or commercial establishment and upholstery is the basic element of furniture, which has a major influence on the looks and functionality of the furniture. To make sure that you get the most attractive and functional upholstery for your home, office, car or commercial establishment, you need to place your trust in an experienced and professional supplier of the same. This upholstery company in Las Vegas is reputed as one of the best in the area, for fulfilling customized needs of both, residential and commercial clients, such as homeowners, hotels, casinos and showrooms in the area.

Wide Range of Services by a Reputed Supplier

After having pitched in 40 years of excellence in services, we have become a name to reckon with and the wide array of services we provide for our clients is our major strength. We not only specialize in supplying high quality material for upholstering your furniture, but also bring them at affordable rates, along with top quality workmanship to use it to re furnish your furniture according to your needs and preferences. We have a professional team of workmen, who specialize in making of furniture for churches, offices, hotels, clubs, showrooms, restaurants and homes, which makes us suitable for all kinds of clients. We pioneer in creating innovative and functional designs in sofas, chairs, stools, restaurant seats and upholstered wall art. Auto upholstery is another important aspect dealt in by this company. Additionally, we excel at the service of custom upholstery Las Vegas to fulfill some special demands of the clients.

Professional Refinishing and Touch up Services

In addition to the useful services provided by the company for homes and commercial locations, it also has skilled professionals who can deal with wood refinishing and quality touch up to prolong the life of your furniture and wooden accessories. We also provide excellence in Upholstery Cleaning Las Vegas to keep your furniture and upholstery new and shiny for a long time. Moreover we rely on the most top rated suppliers in the area to procure the best quality upholstery items in, addition to having skilled craftsmen who have been with us right from the beginning of our company. Since we bring so many upholstery services at competitive prices, we have become a one stop upholstery destination in Las Vegas today. For getting to know more about us or for asking for a quote, get in touch with us at http://www.qualityupholstery.net

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Enhance Your Place with Premium Upholstery Las Vegas http://www.qualityupholstery.net/enhance-your-place-with-premium-upholstery-las-vegas/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/enhance-your-place-with-premium-upholstery-las-vegas/#comments Tue, 17 Feb 2015 08:03:38 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/?p=1623 Upholstery Las Vegas

Whether it is a residential accommodation or a commercial establishment, every person desire the best look for his place. This is why people are ready to spend quite a considerable amount of money on furniture and upholstery, so as to make their place look appealing and beautiful. When one selects upholstery for his place, he needs to consider a large number of factors, out of which quality, aesthetic value and affordability matter the most. In particular, owners of commercial establishments need to look for cost effective options as they have to pick them up in bulk, with due consideration of their budget for the project. For the residents of Las Vegas, we have a perfect answer to fulfill of all kinds of upholstery needs, from residential to commercial and auto upholstery.

Extensive Experience of 40 Years

Quality Upholstery has become a reputed and trustworthy service in this field, owing to an extensive experience of 40 years in supply of upholstery for diverse needs. We have been instrumental in fulfilling the upholstery needs of various hotels, casinos and commercial locations around Las Vegas, in addition to being the reliable name amongst contractors and designers. Besides supplying excellent and high quality material for upholstering furniture, we are equipped with skilled upholsterers t give the best of the services to our clients. Excellence of services and material have today made us the most trusted name in the field in Las Vegas; whether it is about custom fabrication, commercial re upholstery, furniture cleaning or re touch up, we cater to them all.

Customer Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal

At Quality Upholstery, the aim is not to make money but build long term relations with customers, based on the ultimate goal to guarantee complete satisfaction of the customer. For achieving our goal, we combine high quality workmanship and top rated Upholstery in Henderson. Customer friendly approach along with competitive pricing policy have been our basic strengths, which have taken us  to the top today and we have expended from a small business to a large one, with three locations across Las Vegas at present. The expansion has helped us acquire enough space for storage as well as manufacturing of custom made furniture, which is made to suit the needs and tastes of diverse customers. We work in co ordination, with the original building still functioning as the automotive manufacturing unit. To learn more about us, visit us at http://www.qualityupholstery.net

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Automotive Re-upholstery: Make the Old New or Go Completely Custom http://www.qualityupholstery.net/automotive-re-upholstery-make-the-old-new-or-go-completely-custom/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/automotive-re-upholstery-make-the-old-new-or-go-completely-custom/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 21:55:58 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/new/?p=1576 Quality Upholstery has a complete auto division as well for your vehicles. We have upholsterers that specialize in fleet vehicles for company and government trucks. We also have upholsterers that specialize in original auto upholstery for your classic. For the creative types, we have upholsterers specializing in completely custom design to trick out your ride.

Fleet Vehicles:

We have stock on the most common vinyl’s and fabrics for Fleet Vehicles. We understand how much a company relies on these vehicles for day-to-day operations. We offer same day turnaround in many cases. Quality Upholstery is always ready to provide upholstery services when you need it.

Fleet Vehicles include:

  • Company delivery trucks, vans and cars
  • Rental vehicles
  • Government vehicles
  • Fork Lift seats
  • Limousines

Original Auto Upholstery:

Your classic is a huge investment. Quality Upholstery has skilled upholsterers that have been doing classic automotive upholstery for many years. Combined, these upholsterers have over 60 years of experience reupholstering classics. Our automotive upholstery shop has an indoor area where your classic car upholstery is carefully worked on by our professionals. Classic auto upholstery is an art and not many people are skilled enough to reupholster the classics.

Custom Auto Upholstery:

Be as creative as you can. Our Custom Automotive Upholsterers love a challenge. We specialize in creating custom upholstery for your custom ride. Old or new, sporty or performance, we can help you create an interior that will have everyone admiring your ride. Interior is such an important feature of your car but it is so often overlooked. Once we remove the original fabric we can create nearly anything you can imagine; multiple colors, high tech materials, redesign the form of the seat with high density foam, custom stitching, there is really no limitation.

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Night Clubs and Day Clubs: Keep the Bottles Popping – Keep the Profits Up http://www.qualityupholstery.net/night-clubs-and-day-clubs-keep-the-bottles-popping-keep-the-profits-up/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/night-clubs-and-day-clubs-keep-the-bottles-popping-keep-the-profits-up/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 21:51:29 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/new/?p=1573 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/night-clubs-and-day-clubs-keep-the-bottles-popping-keep-the-profits-up/feed/ 0 Restaurant Seating Re-upholstery: Keeping a Restaurant Looking Great http://www.qualityupholstery.net/restaurant-seating-re-upholstery-keeping-a-restaurant-looking-great/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/restaurant-seating-re-upholstery-keeping-a-restaurant-looking-great/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 21:48:39 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/new/?p=1571 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/restaurant-seating-re-upholstery-keeping-a-restaurant-looking-great/feed/ 0 Hotel and Casino Re-upholstery: Keep the Guest Coming Back http://www.qualityupholstery.net/hotel-and-casino-re-upholstery-keep-the-guest-coming-back/ http://www.qualityupholstery.net/hotel-and-casino-re-upholstery-keep-the-guest-coming-back/#comments Tue, 13 Jan 2015 21:45:58 +0000 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/new/?p=1568 http://www.qualityupholstery.net/hotel-and-casino-re-upholstery-keep-the-guest-coming-back/feed/ 0